Legal Courier Bedford, Buckinghamshire & Cambridgeshire.

Our legal couriers are very familiar with the Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire counties, as well as data-compliance regulations and guidelines.

Legal Support Services, including Court Order serving

Our Services as a Legal Courier

As a provider of efficient and reliable Legal Courier services, we are able to not only offer fast service, but one which is also reliable and based on strong knowledge of the local areas which our couriers service.

Not only are our legal couriers trained to deal professionaly and accurately with all relevant paperwork and administration, but the logistics of our legal courier assigments are always well planned.

We offer fast delivery and effective legal courier services to our clients, which include solicitors, lawayers, councils, government departments, corporate companies, charities, insurance companies and private individuals in Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire.

Data compliance & privacy

Data Compliance

Our legal couriers appreciate and understand the important of regulation, particularly Data Compliance Regaultion.

As well as this, we also provide courier services to reputable organisation around Bedford & Buckingham, which means we take compliance with data-protection legislation very seriously.

Our Clients

Local Authorities

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Milton Keynes Council

Law Practises & Solicitors

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Our Promise to Our Clients

To serve your documents promptly and in accordance with all CPR rules.

To serve the papers in according with your special instructions.

To ensure all Data Protection and Human Rights legislation is adhered to.

To keep you updated and advise you when service has been completed.

To monitor all cases we are dealing with and ensure they are returned to you on time.

To ensure that all statements or affadavits are completed correctly.

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